Welcome to the application for Spark10's Cohort-Z. 
At Spark10 we are working on ways to bring the best of mentor-ship, guidance, visibility and funding to the startups. Our new model will see a more startups taking advantage of our program with an increased focus on business growth. Please visit us on www.spark10.com for information about the new program and our success stories. Good luck!
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What's the name of your company? *

Where are you based? (City, State) *

Please provide the names and contact details of all the founders, in the following order:

1. Full Name
2. Email
3. Phone Number (with country code)
4. Linkedin Profile URL *

Please provide a 2 mins self-recorded video pitch (recorded on your phone will be good enough for us), it should include but not be restricted to the following:
- What sparked the idea?
- What problem are you looking to solve?
- What stage is your product in and traction?
- How big is the market and who is your competition?
- Where do you see your product going in 2-5years? *

Provide us a google drive or drop box link with your video saved for public viewing.
What state is your company in:

Please select the  option most suited to your business : *

Provide us with a google drive or drop box link with your investment pitch deck, Budget or any other business document you would like for us to view. Make sure the folder/files are available for public viewing. *

Please explain the business problem you aim to solve with your venture? Are there other products out in the market which are similar and cater to the same end users as your product/service/idea? *

Who is your target audience? Have you conducted market research (data from primary or from secondary sources) to validate the market segment you are targeting? *

What are the obstacles you are facing which are preventing you from launching/ earning revenue/scaling up? *

How do you think we will fit into your success story (what areas do you believe we can help with) and what milestones are your looking to achieve while in the program?

Please take your time in answering this honestly, this will help us understand what your expectations from the program are and prepare us better to bring you in.
If you have applied to other accelerator program, please let us know which ones and why? *

If you have raised money, how much, at what % stake and from who? *

How long have the founders known one another and how did you meet? Have any of the founders not met in person? *

This is an offline cohort, which means you will be able to work from your preferred location for the most part and will meet us at your location for a week every month, is that something you will be able/willing to do? *

How did you find us? Where did you hear about us? *

Thank you for applying with Spark10. We will review your application and reach out to you via email. Good luck!

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